Chad Jimenez
Also Known As Chad
Age 19
Relations Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father
Gender Male
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Dark grey
Film Information

Chad Jimenez is one of the four main protagonists in the series, he was Eya and Cross' friend and Lorraine Keet's boyfriend. He studies at Willford Academy. A handsome and rich teenager who has a crush on Lory. He is well known for his cheerful personality. Chad and Eya became friends because of an embarrassing situation. Eya is his closest friend who helps him get Lory.


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Personality and AppearanceEdit

Chad is described as a handsome and rich teenager. He is well known for his cheerful personality. He is mischievious and outgoing, having fooled Eya many times and asked her out for food and asked for her help many times.


  • Enrique Gil is rumored to be Chad in the movie.
  • Chad nicknamed Eya 'peppy'