Cross Sandford
Also Known As Cross, Cookie Monster
Age 19
Relations Mr. Sandford(Father)
Mrs. Sandford (Mother)
Gender Male
Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes Dark Brown
Film Information
Cross Sanford is one of the four main protagonists in the series Diary ng Panget


Early LifeEdit

Book 1Edit

Cross met Eya in the halls of Willford Academy. Until Eya works as a maid, he recognize Eya that she is the one who bumped him.  While Eya is working, he was making embarassing jobs to Eya. In the end of Book 1, Chad was proposing at him.

Book 2Edit

Book 3Edit

Book 4Edit

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Eya nicknamed him as Cookie Monster or CM, because of his monster-like personality towards her. He treats Eya like a slave more than a personal maid and they always show a "dog-and-cat relationship". The entire school campus describes his as a prince, due to the his looks but they never knew his true colors. He is 19 years old and the student council president of Wilford Academy, and works as a model in a famous clothing line Bench/.


  • JmaDaniel Padilla was supposed to portray Cross in the upcoming movie but the offer was disapproved by Star Cinemas.
  • Cross has phasmophobia, the fear of ghosts. 
  • Cross is a reminiscent of Clara del Valle.
  • Cross's hair color was described as dirty blonde in wattpad
  • James Reid portray the role of Cross